Why Collegelink?


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We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! Instead of creating a carbon copy.

High Talented Candidates

CollegeLink is a great hub of 100.000+ young talented adults with a very strong academic background, many extracurricular activities such as individual projects, volunteer and employment experiences. Motivated Candidates, with high potential and determination to succeed in the job market!

Candidates Recommendations

Get custom Candidate Recommendations that match your unique company needs. The evaluation of the candidates is a credible result of our advanced matching algorithm. We take into consideration multiple factors in order to come up with the best fit for you. Particularly, we take into account the candidate’s resume, his/ her interaction, and engagement with job postings, companies and our platform (e.g. log-in, responses, assessments, etc.). Finally, we factor in the evaluation given by our experts or hiring managers that came in touch with each candidate.

Rich & Curated Candidate Profiles

Each candidate’s profile includes all the information you need in order to have a fast and hassle free screening process. You will have access to the type of employment they are looking for, their personal summary, their employment status and engagement with the platform, searchable inputs (education, volunteer experience, certifications, projects, skills), PDF resume, tags based on an up-level evaluation of their resume and trust marks based on their education and competencies.

Searchable Database

If you have hired at least once in your life, then you can understand the pains that come with the task “Find the ideal candidate”. “Search for candidates”. CollegeLink’s targeted sourcing tool, helps you find candidates fast, based on skills, keywords or location and save hours of research time. Browse rich candidate profiles and reach out with a personalized email. The “Search for candidates” tool is available straight from your CollegeLink dashboard as part of your recruiting workflow.

Public Company Profile

A candidate can have access to your company profile even if he’s not registered on our platform. This is a great opportunity to enhance your employer branding and to reach more applicants. You should not worry about irrelevant applications, because in order for candidates to apply they have to complete their profile first.

Application Management Tool

Managing your incoming and sourced applications has never been easier before. You can filter, search and manage all your application straight from your CollegeLink Dashboard. You can either contact the candidate through a message, add a comment so you or any of your colleagues can see in the future, pin your star candidate, accept, reject or mark his application as a “future use”. You can even send automatically each applicant a dedicated assessment or export all your applications in a csv format.