Часто Задаваемые Вопросы Кандидатов

Если вы не можете найти ответ на свой вопрос, отправьте нам письмо по адресу hello@collegelink.gr

Что такое CollegeLink?

Through CollegeLink you can find your way out of the university and smooth your transition to the job market. Build your resume and explore great career opportunities tailored to your personality, goal and ambitions!

What makes us unique? We feel you and we care about you! We understand that everybody has an inner star. There is something that sets you apart and we focus on isolating that in order to connect you with the right people.

Есть ли для меня какие-либо расходы?

Stop the madness! We would never ask you to pay for your dreams. We are free, easy to use and we don’t spam people!

На каком языке я заполняю свой профиль?

You should fill your profile in English. This way you can prove your competency in English and make your profile approachable to employers across Europe.

Какие должности вы предлагаете?

CollegeLink cares about everyone and anyone. We focus on all types of positions, ranging from interns all the way to entry-level positions. Positions like Marketing, Business Development, Tech, HR, Developers, Sales, Finance etc. Can we go on? Cause we can make it rain in here! 

Our network is made of quality partners within the respective industry, ranging from fast growing startups all the way to corporate partners looking to find and source fresh talents.

Как мне устроиться на работу?

Step 1: Register on the platform. (If you have are already registered, just login)
Step 2: Fill in your profile. Be sure that you have left no fields empty. (Keep in mind that one empty field can really sent your Application to the big «Rejection Pile»)
Step 3: Click at “Jobs” menu tab, learn more about the job you are interested in and finally Apply for this job.

Что произойдет после того как я подам заявление?

Your work here is done, now you only have to wait. The company has received your application and once your application is processed, someone will be in touch with you. Off course, you can also communicate with the company through our message platform if you need to.
Just kidding! You will probably need a couple or a dozen of applications before you find a job or even book your first interview. So, after you have applied your job isn’t actually done.

Что мне следует заполнить в полях «основная» и «оценка»?

If you can’t find a major in the autocomplete relevant to yours, you may add your own. Grade is a number which shows your performance during your academic years.

Обязательно ли кандидату иметь высшее образование?

It is not necessary to have a college’s degree in order to join CollegeLink or to apply to a job position. 

Могу ли я отменить заявку?

If you would like to cancel your application to a company the only thing you can do is to send us an email at hello@collegelink.gr in order to take the matter in hand.