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CollegeLink is the place where you can find the right candidates that fit on your company culture. Screen your applicants based on their hard skills and their personality attributes. And also search our database for the right candidate.
CollegeLink platform specializes in internships and entry level job positions. Candidate profiles have the candidates that are going through their senior year at the university or have graduated recently from the best Greek and European Universities and have 2-3 years of experience.
The platform has been set in a way that requires from the candidates to spend considerable time in order to complete their CollegeLink Profile. It is a procedure that allow us to filter the candidates that are not looking intensely for work, or that are nor not ready to send their first applications.
All kind of job positions that don’t require more than 3 years of previous experience are successfully filled through our platform. More than 700 companies have found the right fit for them through CollegeLink’s Platform.

After your registration as a company, you fill out a brief Company Profile that candidates can use as a referral and then you publish your job post.

The applications that you will receive are infinite and they all have available the contact details of the candidates.
Every time a candidate applies at a job, you get a notification at the email you have used for your registration on the platform. Moreover, you have the opportunity to receive the application at an application management system that your company uses.

CollegeLink uses the traditional pre-order policy. You can purchase online the Plan that covers your needs.

Candidate Recommendations are top candidates’ proposals received from CollegeLink after each position posting. This feature is available in the Pro and Hands Free Plan in the corresponding amounts.

Candidate Matches is the possibility to have access to the contact details of candidates who have NOT applied to your post, but you’ve picked them out looking through CollegeLnk’s CV profiles. This feature is available for all the Plans, in the corresponding quantities.
Personality Tests is a chance to understand the qualities of the candidates through a gaming test based on the Big 5 Model of Personality. This specific feature is available in the Pro and Hands Free Plan in the corresponding amounts.
It is necessary to keep the Company Profile public in order to provide quality and secure services to our users.

In case your are interested to a Recommended Candidate you can use the choice “Match with applicant”. This way you will have access to candidate’s contact details and the candidate will be automatically included at your “Applications” tab in order to manage him/her as an application.

*Every plan includes specific credits to Match with applicants that haven’t apply to any of your Job Posts. We recommend you use them wisely.

**Candidates don’t get notification about the Match. It is at your discretion the way you will contact the candidate.